Live Chaos Free with ADHD: The Parent Sessions


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Mary provides a well planned presentation that helped us begin to understand ADHD and the role it plays in our daughters life.  With that foundation, she gave us specific tools to use to help her be more successful.
This is not a quick fix, but a step-by-step process to help parents engage with their child and progressively help them learn to live better with ADHD.  With the opportunity to learn techniques and immediately put them into practice Parents can see positive changes quickly.
Mary has been a wonderful addition to our ADHD support network!
– Angie Ulibarri, parent
Information in the sessions was very relevant and helpful.  Interactions with the coach and other parents made it easier to relate to. Clarifications provided by the coach were very important.  They were all in the details, something that one might not have noticed by just reading about a technique or approach in a book/article. 
– Victoria Kolonikina, parent