My Coaching Philosphy

I draw heavily on my corporate experience in process design and improvement to help my clients find personalized solutions for overcoming their unique challenges of ADHD.  I believe education in the modern understanding of ADHD and Executive Functioning Skills is the key to correctly interpreting their behavior and thus, finding successful ways to modify that behavior to achieve success.

Post itIn all my years’ coaching, I never worked with someone that had a To Do list that read:

Get Up.
Mess Up.
Give Up!

Yet, most of the messages people struggling with ADHD hear from the world sound like “You don’t care. You’re not trying.  You’re not motivated.”   That is why it is important for me to help my clients and those that love them see their challenges from the right perspective.

My coaching is based on assessing current performance and creatively designing a baby step toward improvement.  Then looking for the next.  It is all about making small improvements each day until the new processes and skills are a way of life.


Listen, I get it. My life as a student, wife, mother and entrepreneur with ADHD provide me a wealth of experience to use in understanding and relating to my clients. I know what it’s like to know all the right things to do and be unable to align myself to get them done. And, I know it means a lot to a client when I say “I understand, I’ve been there.  I can see how hard you are trying and how much you care, even if no one else can see it. I believe in you.”